Exchanges: FAQ

How do I make an exchange?

    1. Email us at with the order number along with the item(s) you wish to exchange.
    2. A customer service representatives will create a new order for the new item you would like to receive in exchange. You are charged at this time for the cost of the merchandise, and it will be shipped immediately in accordance to our shipping policy.
    3. Return the item(s) you would like to exchange by following the next three steps.
    4. Print out the provided shipping label and tape it to the outside of your HER. return.*
    5. Fill out the "Return Form" provided by customer service.
    6. Send back your return item(s) with the "Return Form."

*When returning items with our return label, shipping will be free if postmarked within 10 days of receipt. An $8 shipping cost will be deducted from your refund credit if your return is postmarked after 10 days of receiving the item(s). If you use your own shipping label, you are not eligible for reimbursement.

Do I have to pay for my new exchange now?

To make exchanges fast and easy, we create a new order for the exchange item you'd like to receive. When the order is created, you are asked to provide a method of payment which will be charged at that time. Once your order is complete, it will be shipped promptly. 

Can I send back items from different orders?

Yes. To save on shipping, time, and packaging materials, you can return items from multiple orders as long as you include the corresponding order numbers for each item inside the package. We recommend sending the "Return Form" for each order online and including each form inside the return package. The "Return Form" is provided by customer service at If all orders are postmarked for return within 10 days of receipt, return shipping with the return label will be free. If any items are returned after 10 days of receipt, the return shipping charge of $8 will be assessed.

The return label will be free if all items:
Are postmarked for return within 10 days of receipt. If any items are being returned after 10 days of receipt, the return shipping cost of $8 will be assessed.

Do I have to use the Return Label?

No. We provide our return label as a convenience. You are welcome to ship back your package with any other insured and traceable carrier. However, we will not be responsible for shipping costs if you do not use our label (if eligible). 

How much does the return label cost?

If you use our return label to send back your return within 10 days of receipt, the label will be free! For return labels activated on the 11th day or later from receipt of the package, an $8 shipping cost will be deducted from your return merchandise total. Please note, items cannot be exchanged after 30 days of receiving the item(s).

*Please note: When combining multiple orders as one return, the cost of the return label will be determined by the item with the oldest ship date.

Can I exchange more than once on an order?

You are welcome to call our customer service team to set up an exchange at any time. We offer free shipping on the first exchange of each order, as long as it's within 10 days of receipt. You may request a second exchange on any order; however, free returns will not be applied even if it's within the 10 day window. 

Please note: Sales and Discount codes (promotional sales) do not apply to sales items. Maximum of one discount code per purchase. Newsletter discount codes are valid for 30 days from the day of activation.